„Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg“
„The Mastersingers of Nuremberg"
(Richard Wagner)
(SZ von Egbert Tholl)
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„Die Maßnahme / Der Großinquisitor“
„The Measure / The Grand Inquisitor"
(B. Brecht / H. Eisler / F. Dostojewski)
Selcuk Cara - Transforming: Opening Brechtfestival 2017

„Simple answers? - Not with Selcuk Cara. He makes exciting, stirring theater. It is highly political these days. Brecht would have liked that!“
(Abendschau" BR-Fernsehen)

„Opening a Brecht Festival so brilliantly is an outstanding achievement.“

„Faszination Wagner - Der Ring des Nibelungen“
„Fascination Wagner - The Ring of the Nibelung"
(Richard Wagner)
Selcuk Cara - Transforming: Premiere Staatstheater Prag 2018
Selcuk Cara - Transforming: German premiere of the international May Festival Wiesbaden 2019

„Fabulous, the staging is beautiful.“
„This performance is fantastic. Really an experience“
(ARD - Studio Prag)

An inconceivable coherent, highly emotional production that deserves every form of superlative. Richard Wagner made history here on May 29, 2019 with the German premiere in Wiesbaden.“

„Weiße Rose“
„White Rose"
(Udo Zimmermann)
Selcuk Cara - Transforming: Eröffnung Brahmsfestival 2019

"Poignant, dense, dramatic! ... play and sing, like in a trance."
(NDR Kultur)

„For Cara, reduction is one of the strongest stylistic devices that the opera world has to offer.“
(Hamburger Abendblatt)

„This is how a staging of Udo Zimmermann's "White Rose" that impressed all the senses began. If Zimmermann's discussion of resistance to Hitler's Germany is a moving and oppressive work in itself, the impression increases through Cara's stage presentation.“
(nmz - Neue Musikzeitung )