„TÜRKE, ABER TROTZDEM INTELLIGENT“ (Turk, but still intelligent)
- Mein Vollkommen Verrücktes Deutsches Leben - (My completely crazy German life)
Leipziger Buchmesse - Spring 2016

"Selcuk Cara - a German who rubs against this country "
" Opera singer, award-winning basketball player, martial artist, jazz dancer, book author, filmmaker and political head - all for the price of one.“


AMBIVALENZERFAHRUNGEN: "Die individuelle Verarbeitung der Wirklichkeit eines Lebens in der Ambivalenz"
(AMBIVALENCE EXPERIENCES: "The individual processing of the reality of a life in ambivalence")
Asanger Verlag - Kröning 2012

"DAS BOOTCAMP – Formen der Jugenderziehung in der zivilisierten Welt"
("THE BOOTCAMP - Forms of youth education in the civilized world")
Drei Masken Verlag, München 2009
Theater: tragic comedy with an open ending.

"WILHELM WEITLING - Gefangen zwischen Gott und Kommunismus"
("WILHELM WEITLING - Caught Between God and Communism")
Drei Masken Verlag, München 2008
Theater: tragic comedy in four acts

Author film | 2014
Story Selcuk Cara

Author film | 2013
Script Selcuk Cara

Author film | 2012
Script Selcuk Cara

Author film | 2012
Script Selcuk Cara

Appreciations ...

His autobiographical novel "Türke, aber trotzdem intelligent" (Turk, but still intelligent), is on the Spiegel bestseller list just two weeks after its publication.

In January 2017 the book was added to the library of the memorial and educational center "Haus der Wannseekonferenz" (Joseph Wulf Mediothek).

"Türke, aber trotzdem intelligent" becomes part of the library of the International Tracing Service (ITS). The holdings in the ITS archive are part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

Press review ...

"Opera singer, award-winning basketball player, martial artist, jazz dancer, book author, filmmaker and political head - all for the price of one."
Caren Miosga in "NDR Caren Miosga interviewt …" (Mai 2016)

"As a bass baritone, Selcuk Cara inspires people all over the world - and has to prove time and time again that German is his mother tongue."
NDR Das! (Mai 2016)

"He cannot be imposed on a nationality. Selcuk Cara wrote a book about the search for role models and identity."
RTL Nord (Mai 2016)

"It is a special sense of humor that characterizes Selcuk Cara and can also be found in the book."
Bayern3, „Mensch, Otto!“ (April 2016)

"He takes the reader on a very entertaining journey. And with a wonderfully clear, unaffected language, just right for the partly hair-raising, partly moving stories.“
BR Klassik (April 2016)

„Cara bitingly, witty and also poetically tells how he realized his dream against all odds and resistance in school, university and society.“
NDR Info (April 2016)

„A book that is as exciting as it is amusing and sometimes depressing to read.“
Badisches Tagblatt (April 2016)

„A man with many talents.“
WDR5 Scala (April 2016)

„Selcuk Cara's life is full of incredible anecdotes."
NDR 90,3 Abendjournal (April 2016)

„The discussions about foreigners' integration and exclusion, or exceptional careers, should enrich Selcuk Cara's biography with some unusual aspects.“
Badisches Tagblatt (April 2016)

"The Turkish-born jack-of-all-trades tells of his life between East Frisia and the Orient, Hitler and Habermas in a cheerful, revealing way. A touchingly comic picaresque novel: Selcuk Cara is the funniest migration background in Germany."
stern (März 2016)

„Successful integration stories always have this advantage and at the same time the disadvantage that they are often called upon as role models. One example is the Turkish bass Selcuk Cara.“
Bayern 2 KulturWelt (März 2016)

"192 lively absurd pages about his life in Germany."
taz (März 2016)

"In the book, Cara describes the situations in a bizarre and pointed way, but the reader also senses something darker between the lines."
taz (März 2016)

"Many of the little life stories (...) have a bitter aftertaste. Sometimes even more than that - when it comes to exclusion and xenophobia, radical right-wing activity and fascist ideas."
WDR3 TonArt (März 2016)

"What Cara serves is weird, startling, sobering, or even terrifying. And everything is somehow - sometimes more sometimes less - attached to the bizarre".
WDR3 TonArt (März 2016)

"The book is really good. I had great fun reading."
Judith Rakers bei 3nach9 (März 2016)


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